Chopard: Must-Have Luxury Watches This Holiday Season

Did you know where the word ‘watch” sprung from? One source claims that it is from the Old English term ‘woecce,’ which stands for ‘watchman.’ Back then, in towns, the watchmen used watches in order to take into careful consideration of their shifts. Another source claims that the word was from sailors during the 17th century. Hence, they made use of their new mechanisms to measure the time of their shipboard. Either way, in our modern world today, the term watch associates with the timepiece worn around an individual’s wrist.

Eventually, the demand for the said timepieces became prominent. Several brands started producing collections of watches to address public demand and increase profit. Many known names left their legacy in the watch industry that, even until now, people are still familiar with. One of those brands is Chopard watches.

A Brief History Of Chopard

The Chopard brand came to be around 1860 by the man named Louis-Ulysse Chopard. It all started in Sonvilier, Switzerland. At first, Chopard produced movements. Later on, he figured that making watches were more profitable. It was then that he began producing and selling watches all over Europe and even became a supplier to Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, the last Emperor who reigned Russia. Following that success, the brand won two commissions, which led it to be one of the official watch providers for Tir Federal (Federal Shooting Event for archers) and the Swiss Railways.

Chopard could build his brand’s reputation and quality for Swiss watches. Even now, Chopard continues to stand out, maintaining the highest standards of quality and precision since the 19th century. After Chopard died, his son, Paul, took over the company and eventually passed it on to his grandson, Paul Andre. Paul Andre deepened the brand’s reputation. With his guidance, the Chopard brand became famous for its accurateness with the highest degree of technical sophistication.

Unfortunately, Paul Andre had no heir of his to pass down the company to. Because of this, he went to search for someone who could run and keep the business going. In 1963, German watchmaker Karl Scheufele bought Chopard. Looking for a watch movement manufacturer, the watchmaker found Chopard and instantly acquired it. Together with his wife, Karin, Karl Scheufele expanded the company internationally.

The Scheufele and their children took part actively in the company, and as of today, they serve as co-presidents. Together with the many innovations that the family brought to Chopard was a new production site in Geneva-Meyrin. Another innovation was also the coming forth of the first watch that has diamonds that can freely move in between the two sapphire crystals. The collection was named the Happy Diamonds collection. In 1976, they released the elegant, lightweight, waterproof, and shock-resistant stainless steel watch. Many others followed.

The Chopard watch collection for both men and women have their unique characteristics. They are luxurious and are exceptional looking, making them ideal to fit your day to day outfit. The Chopard Company received many recognition for being one of the best companies for training and educating their employees. Today, they are continually providing excellent and high-quality watches, perfect to suit your preference and need.

Chopard Ward Collections

Chopard has a classic collection of watches that are suitable for everyday wear. They also have an understated appeal bridging the past to the present.

Happy Diamonds collection is the one to watch for. The 18K gold provides sparkling femininity to the watches. Hidden crowns in watches make the pieces fashionable no matter at what age or time. The elegance portrayed by this collection is outstanding.

Finely detailed, the imperial collection will surely give your wrist the added elegance of matching your fashion wear. The dials and top end are of semi-precious Amethyst gemstones, and the hand dials are hand-decorated. All models contain the Roman numerals to mark the hour.

In 2003, the Jacky Icix collection got launched. It was an attribute to the six-time winner of the leMans 24 hours endurance race. Having a flawless gem-setting, the L’Heure du Diamant collection offers luxury watches. They are perfect to dazzle and add to the fashion jewelry every woman would want to have. It has sapphire crystals that are scratch-proof, cambered. And glare-poof.

Affordable Watches

Chopard watches use stainless steel cases for their durability and cost-friendly nature. Hence, compared to Rolex watches, Chopard is not as expensive. Another notable highlight for Chopard watches is the self-winding mechanical movements.

The watches have unique qualities and style. The prices will vary accordingly. You can freely choose among the collections the ideal watch that suits your taste and fashion sense. You can also choose to buy a Chopard watch and use it to gift a loved one or a friend. It can also be for any occasion, for a birthday gift, Christmas, or anniversary.