Choosing Color Scheme For Home Renovation


Perhaps the most important thing to consider when doing home renovation is the color scheme. Each color that you choose creates mood, atmosphere and general feel in your interior. You can also use colors to make your interior space look larger or smaller and create focal points.

How to choose a color Scheme?

When creating a color scheme in your interior, you need to carefully consider the colors of the basic interior finishes like floor, countertop and large pieces of furniture, as they are going to remain in your interior for a long time. You will be choosing colors for interior decorating elements basing on the colors of those basic finishes.

Next Big Thing

Next important step is to consider the lighting in your interior. The same color can look different under different types of lighting. If you want to have a precise color you need to take into consideration both the future lighting of your interior and the lighting of the salon where you choose the color.

Also, lighting differs depending on the direction the light comes from. If the windows face north, the light will be with a slight blue hue, and if the windows face south, it will have an orange hue. For heating and cooling, you can choose from a wide variety of Smart Thermostat available. It will not only give your home a cool look but will also be very beneficial.

What else to look for

You can use your home renovation as a chance to make space look bigger or smaller. If you choose light and soft colors, your room will look larger, while dark colors will make it look smaller.

Also, take into account your geographical location. If you live in hot climate, consider using soft and bright colors for interior decorating and finishes, making your home look cooler. On the contrary, if you live in cold climate, consider using warm colors like red and orange, to make your interior visually warmer.

Remember to harmonize colors throughout your interior as well as with any other space which interacts with your home. Colors can change the whole interior dramatically. That’s why before choosing the color scheme for your interior decorating do some research and only then make up your mind.

Expert Verdict

Some of the biggest interior decorators believe that people should never misjudge the size of their setting.  For example, interior decorator Greg Natale proposes that in order to design a beautiful set of interior decoration one must match the size of the room with the size of furniture/decorations.

This will enable him to take a start in the right path and the foundation of the decoration would be laid perfectly. In addition, the great designer mentioned that often furniture in the room is not sufficient but due to a perfect balance of size of the room and proportions of decorations, space looks spectacular.