8 Basic Guides to Essay Writing an Effective Essay

Writing an essay seems to be a difficult task, and when giving the task, students try to flee from it. It might be a huge task but tackling it systematically can make it significantly easier. Writing an essay consists of a few steps, and if followed, the students will find the essay turning out beautifully. The complete list of stepsis mentioned below to help you out in your endeavor to write an essay for any purpose whatsoever.

Read on to find out the steps to be taken to write an essay without breaking a sweat.

Choose a topic

When writing an essay one needs to be careful while choosing a topic. This step may determine how much time you spend on this essay. If the topic chosen is an unfamiliar one then you will need to spend time researching and reading about the topic.

To create a unique article, one needs to own the topic. If you do not have enough time to research then choose a question that you are familiar with. The previous knowledge about the topic will enable you to begin writing the article sooner, and you will spend the comparatively lesser time to know the question.

Understand the topic

If the topic is already has given or you choose a topic, it is essential to know the topic. Unless you know about the topic, it can be a bit difficult to write about it. As soon as the topic is confirmed for the essay, analyze it for keywords and important points.

Take a note of your thoughts on the topic. After the initial analysis, research. Research about the subject and read about it from a variety of sources. Make sure that you have sufficient knowledge about the topic, and then you may start writing your essay.

Create an outline

To create a detailed essay about a topic you need to have all your thoughts gathered and aligned in a particular order. To do that you need to have an outline of the essay you are about to write. First of all, to list all the points and subtopics of the topic make a diagram.

Write the topic in the center of the page and write down all the different points and sub-contents and connect them radically to the topic. You will have the entire picture of the essay, but it is not arranged yet. For creating the blueprint of the essay, write down the topic on top of your page and list down all the topics. Write down a summary of the topics so that it gives a brief idea about the points. This will be the format you will be following when writing the essay.  If you’re facing difficulties on how to start, you may consult a home tutor for the same.

Write the thesis statement

Writing a thesis is crucial since these are the lines describing your essay and having an excellent thesis will kindle a curiosity in the reader’s mind.  The main aim of the thesis is to transmit the main idea of the essay. This will ensure that the reader will read your essay until the end.

The thesis consists of two parts: the topic of the essay and the points mentioned in the essay. Stating the topic is necessary. Citing the points is required so that the reader has a brief idea about what the essay contains.

The body of the essay

This is the most important part of the essay and the most dreaded one. Once you have all the points, it is quite easy to write down the body of the essay. The body will consist of the ideas explained in detail. Having uniformity among all the parts of the body gives off a professional and an arranged look. Mention an idea and then explain it in detail in each of the parts.

Write all the points and keep a few lines blank so that you can come back to add any new information or details that might have been missed or might be important. Ensuring that the flow is maintained among all the parts of the body is important so that the pieces do not seem to be out of place or copied.

Write an introduction

Once you have your thesis and the body of the essay, you will be able to write the introductiontoan essay. The introduction is the opening lines of your essay, and so it must be catchy or exciting enough to grab the attention of the reader. The introduction will decide if the reader goes through with your essay or not. It must be written in such a way so as to encourage the reader to continue reading the essay.

You can use a shocking statement or a story to begin. You can also use a quote or dialogue to begin. However, the introduction should seamlessly integrate with the thesis as your introduction will contain the thesis in its end.


Writing a conclusion for the essay is necessary since the ending of the essay can determine how your essay is rated. The conclusion need not be too lengthy or detailed. It is the summation of all the points and ideas mentioned in the essay. If it is a debatable topic and you are required to indicate your opinion then clearly state your stance in this part. If it is a general essay, then sum up all the ideas and reinforce your points.

Finishing touches

After completing your conclusion you need to grow through your essay once more to ensure that it is complete. Make sure that the paragraphs are placed right, and all the points have been mentioned. If any instruction is mentioned, then ensure that your essay follows them. Proofread the essay thoroughly to eliminate all the mistakes. Make sure that the essay is unique and not plagiarized.

These are the basic guidelines to be followed when writing an essay. If followed, these points will help you write a complete and well-organized article and will make it look easy. Writing an article is not a difficult job. One just needs to know the rules and tricks of writing one. Hope these points help you in writing an excellent essay.

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