The Universal File Format: 7 Things You Can Do With Your PDF file

The digital space today made working easier for most of us. We get to have a fighting chance in beating demanding tasks and pressure-driven quotas. Even the smallest detail would make a significant impact on our performance because of how fast-paced our economy is. It is why today, we are giving you additional tips for maximizing your experience in working with the digital space. Many of us today also use PDF files for a more convenient document-sharing. It is because of how it can preserve the original format of your document. However, PDF files do not only work for these purposes. You can use it for a lot of processes! Here are some of them:


Convert PDF to photo


Users can also convert PDF files to photos. Some people prefer scanning through their gallery. Images are also easier to share compared to PDFs. File-sharing can be made easier by converting them to PNG. If you also prefer preserving PDF files by converting them to PNG, online sites now make it easier for you to convert your files. Users can access PDF to PNG converter online for free and with guaranteed security like PDFBear.


Add restrictions to your PDF file


What most users appreciate about PDF files is how it can secure the content of the document they are sending. More than this, you can add more restrictions to your PDF for a more secured file sharing! You can add passwords to your PDF file with the help of software programs and online sites. Users can add passwords that restrict editing and stricter passwords that will control those who can view your PDF file. This way, you can be sure that only the authorized ones can view your PDF File.


Maximize your Kindle


Sometimes, users find it hard to search for the right file format for their Kindle or any other E-book reader. Not many know that you can access your documents and books when it is in its PDF file on Kindle. Although some features enjoyed under the right file format will be a bit restrained, Kindle and other E-book readers can open PDF files. Downloading your E-book files first in its PDF format can also help you with your search. PDF formats are easier to find online than E-book file formats. Your Kindle can also convert your PDF file into your desired E-book file format!


Add page numbers to your PDF


Should there be an incorrect format to our PDF files, it is not the end of the world because we could still edit it! You can change your PDF file by adding page numbers to it. PDFBear and other software programs allow you to edit your file. With online sites like PDFBear, users will have an easier time editing and can even multitask while adding the right page numbers.


Rotate your PDF


It can be difficult to view PDF files if the orientation of their pages is all messed up. You would not know how to properly turn your device! You can also change this with the right software programs. The pages in your PDF file can still be edited to the proper orientation that you want them to be. PDFBear also allows you to make these changes to your PDF file. Working with PDFBear is as easy as 1-2-3! You would upload your file and apply the right options. After they process your file, you can now download it!


Turn notes into PDF


Some of us take notes by capturing it on camera, especially students. It saves the time of writing them on paper and even does a good job at protecting your notes from environmental factors. On the other hand, you might find it inconvenient to review your notes on your photo gallery because you cannot highlight texts or add comments. With this, you can also convert your notes into PDF! This way, you are free to navigate your notes more efficiently.


Translate documents


What other people do not know is that you can also translate documents with your PDF file! You can get this done with the help of PDF editors that have the updated editing options. With such editing options, translations of documents become possible.

Try it out with your PDF files!

Now that you know some of the things that can help you with your work, you can now do your processes more efficiently with the help of such features. When it comes to processing PDF files, you must also be careful about which sites to trust. Choose the right sites which will have the right security and encryption protocols, like PDFBear. This way, your files will be protected.