7 Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle

Regardless of whether you have the time or not, if you are reading this, it is likely that you do not eat healthfully and/or exercise at the moment. This is actually the case with many people these days. Therefore, it is a good thing that some simple steps have been developed by fitness, health and nutrition experts so that you can lead a healthy lifestyle.

Breakfast is the most important meal

According to research, fewer calories are consumed at lunch and dinner by those who eat a healthy breakfast, and they rarely feel the urge to snack compulsively throughout the day.

A study suggests that you are likely to eat fewer saturated fats at lunch and dinner if you have eggs if you kick off your day with cereals and/or fruits rather than something like eggs and/or pastries.

Control your portions

Most standard plates these days have room for food portions that are much larger than what is required by an average adult. So, it is best to fill that space with a variety of healthy foods as a part of a balanced diet. When eating meat, serve no more than a portion the size of a deck of cards, and keep drinking water as you eat.

Plan beforehand for snacks

If you are conscious about the amount of calories you are eating, then you will not have to worry about snacking. In fact, if you eat healthy snacks in between meals, you will not overeat. Moreover, your blood sugar and brain chemicals will stay balanced. So, store some washed blueberries, carrots, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, etc. in your refrigerator as snacks.

Make small healthy changes

Choosing low fat is among the essentials to lead a healthy lifestyle. Fat can actually be slashed by nearly half if you switch over to 1% skim milk. Instead of drinking fruit juices, you should eat fresh fruits, so that you get more antioxidants and fibre, with fewer calories. Instead of sugary sodas, drink more water.

Find time to get active

The health benefits that are provided by lifestyle activities are the same as those provided by conventional gym-based workout. You can make yourself active by doing very simple things, such as climb the stairs rather than taking the elevator, park in the farthest space, and/or stretch and/or walk while you are on the phone. If you have a dog, taking it out for a walk will also give you quite the workout.

Do not forget the basics of healthy eating

When it comes to healthy eating, there are just three basic rules you must never forget. Always try to bring change in the range of foods that you eat daily and expand your diet. Try to maintain a diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Try to choose foods that have a lower fat content.

Give yourself treats

Again, if you plan beforehand, you can even treat yourself once or twice a week with something that you are fond of but may not be too healthy.

You can easily burn off the additional calories that you will most likely eat by walking for a mile or two. Of course, you do not have to treat yourself with food. You can always run or walk and get a massage as a treat too.

Live out these 7 steps on a daily basis and you are very likely to head onto the path towards a healthy lifestyle. If you suffer from health problems and you living somewhere in Europe, then a EHIC card can come in handy while you try to restore your health and lead a healthy life.