6 Exemplary GogoPDF Online Tools

There are many technical developments aimed to make life better to live in our internet world. Since you can instantaneously interact with your relatives and friends no matter where they are, their presence makes the globe seem narrower. Aside from that, they enabled working at home feasible during the pandemic. There are now social networking tools, such as Gmail, WhatsApp, and Zoom, that enable corporate cooperation and interaction to take place even when no face-to-face connection is present.

When it comes to electronic files, PDF is the most popular among users. GogoPDF is a great online application for converting and editing PDF files. Many individuals follow it as a guideline for organizing and enhancing their writings. The website contains tools for converting documents from different formats to PDF, reading PDF files, protecting, and repairing PDF files. To know more about it, here is the article for you.

1. Compress PDF

GogoPDF is the software for you if you want to compress PDF rapidly and effortlessly. Some programs may impair the integrity of your files after compression, however, GogoPDF’s compress PDF tool helps in decreasing the file size of your PDFs in seconds without compromising the quality. If you’re still not aware of how to use this tool, here’s its simple procedure.

First, go to your device’s library and select the files that need to be compressed right away. Then, choose any of the options on the window.  The server will scan and compress your submitted data in a few moments. When the operation is finished, begin downloading and sharing the newly compressed PDF file with your co-workers.

2. Repair PDF

One of the challenges that customers confront is the necessity to repair PDF files. When your download is delayed, your hard disk fails, a mismatch occurs, or your device is attacked with a virus, a corrupted or wrecked document, such as a PDF, occurs. If any of these problems occur, you will need to do a PDF repair. Otherwise, your document will become inaccessible and worthless. GogoPDF provides a Repair PDF solution to recover corrupted documents. Understanding how to use it will guarantee that obtaining your data is no longer a problem.

3. Sharing Files

Electronic files are tough to handle, particularly if you decline to use internet tools. When you have to modify files, you may lose your motivation and drive to complete your assignment. GogoPDF can assist you in dealing with files in portable document format. It aspires to provide every learner, expert, and average person with a work-from-home environment that is less mentally and psychologically taxing. You’ll never have to cry again if you run into platforms that won’t let you share a report with more than a hundred pages. Using GogoPDF will keep you from being frustrated when working and distributing electronic papers.

4. Add Watermark to PDF

With the add watermark tool of GogoPDF, users may quickly attach watermarks to their PDF files. There are various methods for adding watermarks to your file, and the method you use is totally up to you. Other GogoPDF capabilities, in addition to this one, can be used by users to handle their PDF files. Text may be added to PDFs in less than 30 seconds with this tool. Aside from that, GogoPDF allows you to modify the brightness or wording of the watermark. As watermarks, you can use either text or images depending on your preference.

The basic steps to finishing the procedure begin with selecting and uploading the material to which you wish to apply a watermark. Following that, select the words or images that will act as your watermark. Next, decide where you want to put the watermark. Finally, once you’ve saved your changes and the operation is complete, begin downloading the file.

5.   Merge PDF

As the name says, the program enables you to merge two or more PDF files and save them as a single PDF. Thus, you can organize the PDF files on your smartphone or computer file storage based on the objective for which they were generated, the date they were produced, or the sources from which they were obtained. You can use your technique for combining PDF files. Just ensure to rename each combined file and keep track of the PDF you’ve incorporated in each of them.

The goal of using GogoPDF’s file merger is to prevent all of your PDF files from being crowded all over your phone or computer wallpaper that can lead to the harder discovery of a specific file you require. This way, the next time you need to find a PDF file, you’ll know which file folder and combined files to look in. Thus, the GogoPDF file merging tool will assist you in implementing an effective file structure for your PDF files.

6. Add e-Sign to PDF

In some papers, a signature is required for legitimacy, legality, and validity. All you have to do is grab a sign pen and make an autograph. However, it is not possible to do so with electronic PDF files. Don’t worry, GogoPDF will allow you to utilize their eSign PDF application quickly and for free. As you attach it to your documents, it will establish a unique identifier.

You can manually draw your signature using your computer mouse or touchpad. Another alternative is to use the eSign PDF tool to submit an image of your autograph. The system will then save the sign you presented and you’ll have it in a matter of minutes. You can save the signed PDF files in your file storage or Google Drive by downloading them.

In A Nutshell

You may believe that preserving and managing a large number of digital files is demanding and annoying. However, GogoPDF’s various online tools will undoubtedly make you understand that working with these files may be much simpler if you have the correct set of tools. In truth, the set of online tools listed above is merely a subset of those obtainable on the official GogoPDF website. As a result, if you’re seeking online resources for your documents right now, check out the GogoPDF portal.