5 Useful and Secure Facts about how a WiFi Works

In today era of modern technology, has become one of the most important network technology to support millions of families in the entire world. Similarly, it has also become an essential part of human life; nobody can even think to move a single step without it. Moreover, the process of Netgear WiFi Range Extender Setup cannot be completed without the presence of such technology. But remember, the WiFi supposed to be personal, not public. Going further, you might require and remember some of the valuable below-given things.

  • Bring your range extender in the range of the router.
  • Router supposed to be placed in the center of your house or away from heat, dust, and obstruction like metal appliances and electronic gadgets.
  • The existing device should be placed nearby the modem.
  • Both router and the modem should be updated by the latest firmware of technology
  • Connect your range extender to the router with the help of an Ethernet cable. After that, plug them both into an electric wall socket.
  • Wait for the power LED lights on your devices to turn to solid green. Now, grab a computer and launch a web browser onto it. Once opened with the web browser, you have to type mywifiext into the field of the address bar.

Moreover, let us discuss with you the basic steps of WiFi, about how it works and function.

  1. Broadband Routers are also known as WiFi Access Points

Well, it may interest you to know dear users that an Access Point (AP) is similar to a wireless hub, which is very useful in coordinating the network traffic of their numerous clients. Wireless broadband routers function as WiFi access point to build a secure home network and work faster in comparison to your existing modem. Home networking routers also come with inbuilt advance features like firewall security and updated firmware.

  1. WiFi Connection is Alone Enough

It is not the actual fact. Our dear users think that they need a router, access point, range extender, etc. to set up a WiFi connection. Always remember that WiFi connection doesn’t require any access point for installation. On the other hand, WiFi supports an ad hoc mode, which permits only those devices to connect with a peer-to-peer network that are personally owned by the homeowners.

  1. Not every WiFi Connection are Well-Matched

Do you know the actual fact that a WiFi system can work with any other WiFi system? Similarly, they only work only when their set of the security patches. It is also a true fact that 802.11n, 802.11g, and 802.11b all the WiFi Standard Equipment network together whereas, 802.11a standard does not suppose to be compatible with any others mentioned here. Well, the limitations of compatibility like these are mostly found in the today’s era of modern technology.

Note: More compatibility issue often arises between the WiFi products that are different from vendors. In case, both build their WiFi equipment making use of non-standard proprietary extensions.

  1. WiFi Connection Speed often Varies With Distances

When your access point and the WiFi network are pretty much close to each other, you will get an unbeatable speed of the Internet to access of about 54Mbps for most 802.11g connections everywhere in the house. Similarly, if you exceed the limit between the AP and the WiFi, you will receive the worst connection (signal dropping and buffering) ever. However, the process of Netgear Genie Setup or Netgear Extender Setup supposed to be performed nearby the router and the existing modem of yours (only in person not communal).

  1. Is WiFi is the form of a Wireless Networking

No, always remember that WiFi is not only the part and type of Wireless Networking. Devices like smartphones, computer, laptops, etc. use the combination of WiFi together with Cellular Internet Services that are completely based on 3g and 4g system. On the other hand, Bluetooth will always remain an essential part of human life, to connect the entire mobile devices with each other to share videos, files, data, and images (over a shorter distance).

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