5 Top Reasons to Hire IT Support for Accountants

Does your accounting firm need IT support? Studies show that nearly 30% of Australian accountants’ clients use cloud accounting services. This means that IT support for accountants can benefit not only accountants but also their clients. This is important since the demand for accountants in the country has spiked in recent years versus other occupations.

Here are some top benefits of IT support:

  1. Cloud-based Applications

In recent years, cloud tech has become a major influence in various industries, including accounting. It has boosted the efficiency of accountants and accounting firms. Thus, if your company wants to stay competitive, it’s essential to consider using cloud storage and services.

It’s important for accountants to leverage the latest technologies instead of using old-school software and information technology that could make them less productive and efficient.

“Cloud accountants” should use not only the technology but also the right IT platform with quality support.

It’s this combination that can help leverage modern tech effectively. In fact, using a powerful yet streamlined platform can help provide the best results in the field.

  1. Modernised IT Support

In the past, on-site IT experts were often required for accounting firms to work efficiently. Thus, when the IT systems were down, it often meant that workers were unable to complete tasks since the IT personnel were the only ones who knew the system’s mechanics.

That’s changed today. It’s due to updated IT hardware like disaster recovery systems that are able to recover key data of accounting firms and their clients.

Besides the systems being more powerful, another benefit is the IT systems’ efficiency has increased while the maintenance costs have dropped.

Today’s accounting technology has become more interactive and user friendly. Cloud storage itself has become one of the main game-changers.

This is because it allows companies like accounting firms to save large amounts of data off-site. For example, a recent survey showed that 83% of participants ran a cloud-based accounting practice.

Cloud-based systems provide companies with more flexibility. Accountants can access data from anywhere in the world with a device and web connectivity, while the cloud also offers other benefits like file sharing and editing through collaboration.

  1. User Experience

Today, this is one of the most critical factors related to the functionality of accounting tech. It differed from the past when the most common tech issues included ones like servers crashing.

The problem is that many accounting companies are dealing with technology that is affecting their productivity and efficiency just as it was a decade ago. That includes issues like forgotten passwords and blocked emails.

Accounting tech specialists need to provide solutions for these problems to improve the user experience for their clients. Such issues are just as important today as others like IT systems management.

  1. Proactive Solutions

This has become more important today than just fixing PC and web problems, for example. It’s important for IT advisers to help with larger issues like workflow and IT strategy. This can allow a company to do more with less money, staff, and technology.

  1. Customised Solutions

Today’s accounting apps are often found in the cloud instead of on on-site servers. So it’s important for IT support to determine which apps are most important for your business. Service providers are now able to provide customised solutions like never before.

When finding IT support for accountants, it’s important to look for certain features. This includes proactive, cloud-focused IT solutions for your company. An IT service company can provide effective solutions for your accounting firm that improves user experience instead of just getting on-site servers back online.