5 Pro Tips to Keep Insect and Pests Out of Your Garden

Since you have a garden, you are going to have insects and pests at some time. This is almost inevitable. However, there are some tricks which allow you control the population of these things. By following these tricks, you can make your garden look more beautiful and get more output.

The most effective methods are those which prevent the increase of insects and pests. Below, you will find the top 5 tips that will do this for you.

Give Space to Your Plants

This is a common mistake performed by most garden owners. They try to squeeze in as many plants into the garden as possible. Doing this may give you instant pleasure, but it is actually harmful in the long run.

When the plants are in close contact, they don’t get the good breezes anymore. A dense garden also provides more food and shelter for the insects.

Therefore, if you like a highly populated garden, you should also be prepared to do more pest control operations too.

Water Your Garden Timely

Maintaining a regular schedule for watering your garden is a really challenging task. While it is tough, doing this has two benefits –

  • Your garden plants will be more hydrated during the hottest hours of the day. As a result, the leaves will be less stressed, making them less attractive target for the pests.
  • There will be enough time for the leaves to dry off. When located closely, damp plants provide the perfect spot for various harmful insects.

Attract Insect Eaters

There are some animals which make a feast on insects. Different types of frogs and toads are the most common animals in this regard. In some cases, simple steps like putting a bowl of water will attract these animals.

Birds are another excellent insect eater.While they eat the fruits too, they also eat a large amount of pests and insects. If you already have birds in your garden, that’s great. If not, you have to plant more food sources to attract them.

Use the Beneficial Insects

Sometimes you will find a few good guys in a group of bad guys. The same thing applies about the insects too. Not all insects are coming to your garden for chewing off the fruits or leaves.

Some of them eat pests faster than any pest spray. As they are not clearly distinguishable from the other type of insects, you have to educate yourself to find them out. Herbs, lettuce and flowers are plants that attract these types of insects.

Don’t Let Fruits Overripe

While this is not a common problem, it can still happen. Overripe and/or fallen off fruits are lovely food sources for various types of insects. Besides the overripe fruits, weaker fruits also attract insects and pests a lot.

To prevent this from happening, remove any overripe or fallen food as soon as you can. You should do the same for over sized fruits too. It is also possible to harvest these fruits.

Concluding Remarks

Controlling the amount of insect and pest is a major part of your garden maintenance. If you can keep these things in control, your garden tress will be healthier, better and prettier. The trips provided above could be helpful in this regard. Let me know how they work.