5 Good Reasons to Buy A Graphene Power Bank

5 Good Reasons to Buy A Graphene Power Bank

Not all power banks are made equal. Some are fast-charging, while others charge for hours. Some are heavy and bulky, whereas others are light and sleek. Looking for a high-quality power bank is challenging, particularly if you do not know what you should consider when you buy such a gadget. Read on to find out why choosing a graphene power bank is a good choice.

Highly Efficient

Graphene is a carbon allotrope with many terrific properties. It is believed to be the future of electronics, given its outstanding electrical conductivity, light absorption, and high electron mobility. The material is light and has high strength. It is even stronger than diamond.

Because of the material’s natural properties, graphene power banks are capable of fast and safe charging. You can recharge your mobile as frequently as possible without causing overheating or swelling problems.


Owners buy less expensive brands of power banks, believing that they are saving money. But because of poor quality, these power banks often require replacements even after a short period of use. With a graphene power bank, you can keep them for a much longer period.

Therefore, you save money, and you save nature. Furthermore, graphene is resistant to dents and pressure. It is 200x stronger than steel. You do not have to fear shipping or mishandling damages anymore.


Sometimes, fast-charging power banks transmit a sudden surge of energy to a device, potentially causing damage. It is not ideal, especially for students and professionals whose working tools are essential to their roles.

Besides property damage and work disruption, overcharged batteries also result in explosions and fires. If you’re not careful, it can even cause skin burns. You certainly don’t want any of these untoward events to happen just because you chose to scrimp.

Thankfully, graphene’s natural high energy density and conductivity grants devices protection from current surge, overcharge, and short circuit problems. Owners feel more secure with fast and safe charging.

Capacity for Multiple Devices

A person usually carries two or more devices. Freelance professionals, for instance, need a laptop and a mobile to deliver their tasks while traveling. Other people need to charge more than two portable devices: tablet, phone, music player, among others.

Your graphene power lets you charge multiple devices simultaneously without causing damage to the device or the power bank itself. Depending on the power bank’s capacity, you can even charge your laptop. It’s important to choose brands with multiple USB ports as you never know what device will need immediate charging.


Users sometimes have no choice but to leave their power banks behind because they need to travel light. This dilemma leads to compromises and hassles. Fortunately, you can carry your graphene power bank every day to work or even when you trek because of its ultra-light material. One sqm of graphene weighs less than 1 gm.

Lastly, graphene is relatively less expensive than lithium. Unlike other cheap materials, graphene is more sustainable since it is an allotrope of the naturally-occurring carbon. Do your share and help protect the environment by advocating for sustainable materials like graphene.

It is said that the future holds many uses for graphene, not only in the making of power banks. Do not miss out on the benefits of graphene power banks and buy one today.