5 Carpet Cleaning Tips for a Long-Lasting Carpet

Properly cleaned carpets are not only good for your health but also for your wallet. Cleaning your carpet using the right methods and products is a sure way of doubling its life while at the same time keeping it looking smart and presentable. As you consider this, it is always important to note that the type of cleaning products you use have an impact on your carpet and will either help strengthen the fibers or destroy them.

Carpet cleaning companies such as Eco Clean Solutions offer some valuable tips on how you can clean your carpets using the right products and methods in order to keep them fresh and looking new. Here are 5 valuable cleaning tips for a long-lasting carpet:

1. Eliminate dirt

Dirt is very destructive when it comes to carpet fibers. Its accumulation normally has a huge impact of carpets and the most unfortunate thing is that you cannot protect it from finding its way you’re your carpet completely. Dirt has a way of dulling your carpet’s sheen, especially around areas with high traffic.

As such, it is important to regularly vacuum your carpet in order to pick this dirt and deny it the opportunity to settle for long on the fiber.  Vacuuming is particularly important when you have a house with pets, your carpets will be exposed to droppings from the newly purchased bird’s cage or pee or poop accidents that can occur as a courtesy of your furry companions, not to forget dog hair that gets trapped in the carpet fibers.  Make sure your vacuum is set at the right height and do the vacuuming often. Robot vacuums are doing trick if you are busy and routine cleaning is difficult for you. You can try the best roomba for pet hair, if you are looking for one. Keeping your carpet dirt-free is a sure way of lengthening its lifespan.

2. Have your carpet cleaned by a professional

Professional carpet cleaning services are very important but you must choose your cleaner carefully. One of the best ways to pick the right pro cleaner is to establish the kind of cleaning methods they use and the equipment they have for the work. Any carpet cleaner is as good as the tools and methods he uses and this is good to establish before signing a contract.

Steam cleaning or in most cases, is the most desirable way of carpet cleaning. It does not require the removal and transport of your carpets and is done on the spot. However, the high-end professional technique is pressurised hot water extraction. It extracts any dirt deep in the carpet through a process of spraying high-pressure water and then immediately vacuuming it back, leaving no residue.

When it comes to easy to remove spills and stains, you can do the carpet cleaning yourself, however it is advisable to have your carpet deep cleaned professionally at least every 12 months.

3. Clean spills right away

Spilled liquids can result in permanent staining of your carpet if not handled immediately and properly. Chances are always high that if you have your carpet cleaned immediately, the stain will be eliminated and your carpet restored. Whether you are dealing with ink, coffee or red wine, make sure the carpet is cleaned immediately using the right approach.

4. Use the right carpet cleaning products

Most carpet cleaning products you find in the market can be harmful to your carpet resulting in damaged texture and color. Always research the products first before spending your money on any of them. Other products might be harmful to your health and thus should be avoided.

5. Avoid over-wetting the carpet

Over-wetting your carpet can do more harm than good when using DIY approach. Always avoid using a lot of water and soap solution and instead do a single pass. It is always good to have a machine that offers strong suction to ensure that moisture is extracted thoroughly during the exercise. The carpet should also be dried completely.

Eco Diy Carpet Cleaning [Infographic]

Infographic by http://www.foamfrenzy.com/

It is also advisable to use some walk-off mats which people can use to wipe off any dirt and water before stepping on the carpet. This will help protect your carpet and keep off excessive dirt. You can learn more about carpet cleaning from Eco Clean Solutions.