3 Types of Kid-Friendly Mattresses that Help Promote Better Sleep

Sleep is very crucial for young children. It is essential to their growth and development. Without decent sleep, kids become cranky, and they find it more difficult to process new information at school. That said, parents should seize a Sealy mattress sale opportunity or any discounted offers for high-quality foams, for that matter.

High-quality mattresses are one of the secrets behind excellent and continuous sleep. It should feel comfortable enough to relieve the tensions in your body and help you relax. Three main types of bed foams are best suited for children. These are Memory Foam, Latex, and Gel Foam.

  1. Memory Foam

Memory foam is quite popular today. It is made of polyurethane foam that has been treated with natural, plant-based oils to enhance its elasticity and thickness. Some manufacturers also use synthetic chemicals. The treatment process enables the memory foam to withstand strong pressure, stretch flexibly, and easily revert to its primary form and shape.

It was initially used in space stations but was later on adapted into regular consumer use. The newer versions of memory foam still use the same treatment, albeit paired with advanced technology, to fit customers or users outside of NASA. Modern memory foams are now better at regulating body temperature, more comfortable, and more elastic.

It also adapts to each sleeper’s body mass and figure, making it easy for people to feel at ease and drift to dreamland when they rest their tired bodies on the mattress. If you have kids who share a room or if you belong to a small family that shares a single bed, a memory foam ensures that your little one will feel as comfortable from the beginning of their sleep until they wake up.

  1. Gel Foam

Children are quick to feel warm, especially during summer. Warm temperature makes it difficult for them to feel comfortable, cool, and relaxed. Without proper air ventilation in the room, kids sweat more profusely, and it can also make them feel uneasy.

Gel foam is a variation of memory foam. The gel is incorporated in the mattress to help sleepers feel cool even during the warm weather. Within the gel foam are air pockets that trap and release hot and cool temperatures simultaneously. The air pockets likewise make the foam more breathable.

There are two kinds of gel mattresses. One uses phasing gel, a type of solid gel that melts and absorbs body temperature from the person lying on the mattress. The other type uses a warm gel that instantly regulates body heat.

  1. Latex

What sets latex foams apart from gel mattresses and memory foams is their durability and environment-friendly manufacturing process. Up to four layers of latex foams are combined to achieve a cozy and snuggly bounciness. Some manufacturers use natural latex, which is derived from a tree called Hevea Brasiliensis.

This rubber tree produces a sap that has the consistency and appearance of milk, which, in turn, is used to produce latex. There are also synthetic versions of latex as there are blended alternatives (a combination of synthetic and plant-based latex foam).

Latex is great for kids because it is hypoallergenic, and it is also effective in relieving muscle tension. This means it will take less effort to put your kids to sleep at night. More importantly, the material is very breathable and can withstand varying body weights and pressure.

The next time you head to purchase foams with discounted offers or avail of a Sealy mattress sale for your children, consider the three types of excellent foams in this list!