3 Things You Need To Know about Family Law

Family Law

Family law encompasses matrimony, divorce, custody agreements and property division. Here are three things you need to know about family law.

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  1. Joint Custody

Joint custody is the term for when divorced parents share legal and/or physical custody of their child or children. Legal joint custody is when the parents share decision-making for things that affect their children, such as healthcare, education and at what age a child can apply for a job. Physical custody is when parents share time spent with their children. This can be an equal division of the child’s time or spending the week with one parent and weekends with the other. Custody arrangements depend on the state, the wishes of the parents and where the parents live.

  1. Legal Grounds for Divorce

There are two main legal grounds for divorce, fault and no-fault, the specifics of which can vary by state. Fault-based divorce grounds are things like domestic violence substance abuse and adultery. No-fault-based divorce grounds are typically incompatibility or irreconcilable differences. An experienced divorce attorney or family law firm, like Tully Rinckey, can help you navigate the divorce process.

  1. Child Support

Child support is a part of the monetary agreement of a divorce, along with aspects like alimony and asset division. One parent is legally obligated to pay the other money to help support their child or children. The typical situation is the father paying child support to the mother, but the obligor can depend on many factors, including which parent, if either, spends more time taking care of the child after the separation.

Every situation is unique. These are just some of the things that family law attorneys are experienced in.