12 Simple Ways To Keep Your Dog Happy And Healthy


A healthy dog is a happy dog and as a pet owner, you should do everything possible to keep your best friend healthy and happy. By taking good care of your dog, you will not only keep it healthy but this will translate into a long life. There are a lot of things you can learn from thepetadvice.com to help keep your dog healthy, strong and happy.  As we shall discuss in this article, diet plays an important role and choosing the best food for your dog is very important.

Here are several brands available in the market such as Zignature dog food and Orijen dog food among others but the best approach is to always know your dog and choose what’s best. Here are some tips to help keep your dog healthy and happy:-

1. Keep it hydrated

A mildly dehydrated dog will show some unhealthy signs and this could eventually have an effect on your canine. In most cases, dehydrated dogs exhibit such signs as panting, dry mouth and loss of elasticity on the skin. You should give your dog some water which could be mixed with a solution to replace minerals such as sodium and potassium. You should also avoid giving your dog excessively dry food and also make sure there is a bowl of water nearby for easy access.

2. Keep the dog free from fleas

Fleas can cause a lot of trouble to your dog including excessive scratching. You should use non-toxic chemicals to kill fleas on your dog and its living space. You should also use a bath solution specifically designed for dogs and other pets when washing your canine in order to keep it free from fleas.  Another workable solution is using sprays and collars that repel fleas and ticks. You can consult with your vet to know which products are best for your dog before using any of them.

3. Use the right food

Different dogs have different dietary needs and knowing what best works for your dog is very important. There are foods specifically formulated for puppies, older dogs and seniors and these will supply your dog with the necessary nutrients based on their age. Zignature dog food brand, for example, is specifically categorized to help you make the right pick and you can look at the ingredients used to determine their suitability for your dog.  You can fulfill the dog’s daily food requirements by providing nutrient-filled raw diets. He will stay healthy, fit and active.

4. Always maintain a clean food bowl

Your dog’s feeding bowl should also be cleaned after meals to prevent moist foods from sticking inside. This is necessary because it’ll protect your dog from bacteria growth which can easily result to serious health complications for your dog’s stomach.

5. Keep your dog active

Lack of proper mobility can result in some serious health problems in your dog especially the older ones. You should encourage your dog to move around to help strengthen the muscles, especially on the legs. This will prevent against cases of arthritis and other mobility related conditions. You should also encourage your dog to do exercises such as “sit, stand and come” throughout the day.

6. Feed your dog on an elevated position

Dogs can become lazy especially if they are accustomed to eating and drinking while sleeping. It is always advisable to place their water and food bowls in an elevated position so they can eat while standing to help them stretch and this acts as a form of exercise.

7. Avoid cases of obesity

An overweight dog will always have health issues and thus you should watch the weight of your best friend very closely. Weight is a major contributor to arthritis and also minimizes your dog’s chances of moving around properly. Other conditions associated with weight include diabetes and heart diseases. To keep your dog within the right weight range, avoid feeding it with foods with high carb concentration and also encourage exercises.

8. Schedule visits to the vet

Your pet should have regular checks by the vet whether it’s sick or not. Regular visits will help check your dog for any signs of illness, some of which could easily be unnoticeable by you thus helping treat them before they escalate. Annual checkups are recommended for adult dogs but puppies and senior dogs within the 7-10 years age bracket should be checked at least twice every year. By treating any issues early, you will be helping your dog stay healthy and happy which will also translate into your happiness for many years.

9. Groom your dog

Just like human beings, your dog does require regular grooming and this you can do yourself or look for a groomer to do it for you. Apart from the regular baths which you can do, it is important to consider other things such as nail trimming, coat brushing and haircuts especially for dogs with fur that’s continually growing. Although some dogs might not enjoy these exercises, the truth of the matter is that they’ll help keep the man’s best friend healthy and happy afterward.

10. Offer the right shelter for your dog

Shelter is also a basic need for dogs and thus should be considered carefully. It is important to protect your dog from harsh elements such as rains and scorching sun and this will help keep it healthy and happy. Always have a good kennel which should have soft and clean sleeping mats. Don’t leave the dog’s house soggy and littered.

11. Have some treats for your dog

Treats are good for keeping your dog busy and focused. They also help improve their mental and physical skills thus making them very important. By providing treats to your dog, you will keep in engaged and thus protect your furniture from chewing. They will also prevent your dog from digging around your compound.

12. Create some social time for your dog

Dogs are generally social animals and as such you should create some time to socialize with them. This will help lower their stress hormones thus making them less fearful and aggressive. You can play games let your dog lie down all day with boredom.

With these tips, your dog can enjoy a healthy and happy life right from the young age. Always do your best to create the right atmosphere for your dog and provide the right food always.

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