Shades of Gray: 5 Colorful Ideas On How To Pick The Best Wall Paints

Have you ever imagined seeing a fully furnished house with no exterior and interior paint at all? Looks very dull, right? Having a home with no paint at all denotes a stale, tedious, and uninteresting lifestyle.

That said, it is a fundamental requirement that every building whether residential or business establishment should have a good choice when it comes to interior and exterior wall paintings. Painting adds color and class to any building structure.

Hence, choosing the best colors for the paint you apply on your wall plays a vital role in making the structure presentable and enticing. Check the things listed below with regards to the criteria you may consider on how to pick the best wall paint colors.

Think First Before Picking  Your Colors

The biggest misconception of everyone when it comes to choosing the right paint colors is that they choose immediately. They are overwhelmed with the color combination they see. They want to incorporate everything into one painting. When this happens, all the colors become a mess.

Regardless of your color choices, it is best that you examine your furniture first. Check if the colors you picked will blend to the type of wall furniture you are using for your structure. Always choose paint colors that suit every furniture you have at home so that everything doesn’t seem out of place.

Think of an Inspiration

It’s always best that you find inspiration before picking the right paint colors for your interiors and exteriors. This inspiration will serve as your key to producing the best wall paint design for your structure.

Also, you can get inspiration just by walking around. It may also include things, people, design, or anything you found that is pleasing to the eye and applies to your walls. The purpose of finding inspiration is for you to decide which image in your mind has the right paint color that looks good.

Go with Neutrals

Choosing neutral colors doesn’t mean that you don’t have the freedom to choose other paint colors that are available. It is good to consider everything, but you decide what color and where to place it together with the attention you want to put in a room to go.

Hence, if you want to put attention to your walls, then you can opt for bold colors. Once you choose bold colors for your walls, make sure that every color that’s inside the room should be neutral. If your walls and designs are of the same vibe, it may look that they are competing with each other.

Utilize Testers

Utilizing testers can help you especially you want to test the color of certain shades and how they look when the light hits it at any time of the day. Testers are a great of way of making sure that you land on the right choices before applying anything permanent.

Most paint brands include testers when purchasing. Remember that it’s best that you spend a small amount of money on the right things before spending a whole lot of money on something that will not hit your preference.

Select the Right Sheen

When you pick a paint color for your wall paintings to complement with your exterior and interior designs, it’s a must that you have to choose the right sheen. Picking the right shade will accent flaws and make everything seem perfect.

Matte is a sheen with no shine at all which is applicable for ceilings, bedrooms, and living rooms. Furthermore, Satin Enamel has a bit more shine and is best in kitchen and bathrooms. Semi-Gloss Enamel is also good at high moisture areas such as trims and cabinets. Lastly, High-Gloss Enamel is a glass-like finish which is perfect for top surfaces like railings.


When you paint an entire house to make the exteriors and interiors look presentable, you do not pick colors just because you wanted it. You have the consider a lot of things like what is listed above so you won’t end up having a dull and flat structure.

If you would like to get some additional tips on how to choose the best colors and quality paints available, you may seek the help of an expert, or you may visit helpful websites online such as so your exteriors and interior walls will never go wrong.